Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as ‘AI’, has turned its Big Data analytic prowess to the human breath.

No, this is not for product research intent on making everyone exhale mountain-fresh breath. It’s actually for something way more practical than a cure to bad breath. Animals are constantly making decisions based on the olfactory data they perceive in the air around. Humans not so much…

Each human breath contains rich information that can predict human illnesses. Known as Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs, the air around us is replete with revealing (and actionable) information.

Historically, such data was analysed by a system called ‘GC’ (gas-chromatography mass-spectrometers). Analysis of the output data is extremely laborious and can take hours. That’s where AI comes in! Computers equipped with technology only takes minutes (compared to hours by a human expert) to autonomously analyse a breath sample!

A brave new world awaits your breath.

Yes, there will certainly be privacy concerns raised over machines autonomously drawing conclusions from our breath! But, the upside seems rather compelling.

Big brother, let’s take this innovation one step at a time, please…