Al Hilal Bank, an Islamic lender based in Abu Dhabi, has launched its new scented credit card called ‘Laha Al Hilal Card, that’s specially designed for young, ambitious and empowered women who desire elegant products. The ‘Laha’ card has a built-in applet that can absorb the scent of any perfume.

“Our Laha Al Hilal Card celebrates the beauty, strength, vision, passion and character of women and encourages them to dream big and achieve even bigger. We want the holders of this unique card to be proud of being a woman and exploring possibilities together with Al Hilal Bank,” he added.

Mariam Yousef Ahli, the bank’s head of corporate communications, said: “Today’s modern woman wants to send out a strong message about her individuality and her capacity to become a productive member of society while staying true to her heritage.”