All sorts of businesses – from hotels to car companies – use scent marketing to bolster their brand identities. Now financial institutions are getting in on the trend, creating their very own l’essences de bank.
Smells have been found to influence memory, impact perception and even increase sales, so it’s no surprise that even stodgy, traditional industries are beginning to think about signature smells.
Dublino – Here are some example of emotions produced by certain scents: “Vanilla and amber induce warmth, comfort and sometimes nostalgia. Citrus notes tend to make people feel upbeat and happy. Leather and tobacco call to mind luxury and trust. Rosemary and peppermint make people feel more alert and sharp and improve cognition and problem solving.”
Scent-marketing pioneers in the traditionally conservative financial world include Florida’s Ocean Bank and Helm Bank, National Australia Bank, China Merchant’s Bank, Bank Leumi and Velocity Credit Union in Texas, Dublino said.
Ocean Bank, for example, went for “a premium fragrance that begins with mouthwatering mandarin, fresh watery ozone, and green cardamom notes, supported by black pepper and musk,” she said.
Helm Bank’s l’essence, developed as part of a complete sensory rebranding, includes hints of chocolate, oakmoss, and peppermint.
According to Dublino, Helm branches that added the scent, and also updated their logos, colors and sound, doubled their revenue as well as the number of people opening accounts. Customer satisfaction shot up 20 percent, to 99 percent.
Caroline Winter reporting –