Scent. The forgotten sense… more?
Chances are, you’ve walked into a Westin, Bloomingdale’s, Hard Rock Cafe, or Hugo Boss — among other casinos, restaurants, and hotels — and have noticed your heart rate booming. Suddenly, everything seems more friendly, more possible, more attainable. Not just the store, either. You feel more posh, more friendly, sexier, savvier, smarter, swifter. You check-in, buy the pants, stay for dessert, or decide – oh, what the heck, I’ll just play one more round of blackjack.
That, right there, is the art and science of scent branding. And in fact, 84% of people in a scented store are more likely to buy products than those without branded scents, according to a recent BBC feature on Secrets of the Sale.
Listen to the Brand Fever interview with Ed Burke, Director of Communications at ScentAir, the industry leader in scent branding design and psychology. Ed explains a bit about the process, and how ScentAir helps brands to meet strategic business objectives, thanks to the olfactory nerve.
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