Clique by Roblé is a well structured floral with a lovely play at the top as red hot chilli peppers and blood oranges present a savoury/sweet opening. Iris, Jasmine and Tuberose, should overpower each other but do not; these floral divas are well blended and behave.   Clique by Roblé firmly enters the Gourmand stage in the dry down where the scent of Challah slathered in butter then soaked in chai cocoa tea brings back memories of the wonderful aromas of both my grandmother’s kitchen and HighTea at the Plaza.

According to Bart Schmidt, Co-owner and Founder of Brands With A Purpose, “Frank Voelkl created a modification/new version of the fragrance to make it “shine” in this Scented Lacquer and last for up to 96 hours….The folks in the (Nail Polish) lab encapsulated the fragrance and worked it into the formulation”.