In Chinese tradition there is little distinction between incense, perfume, herbs or spices, believing “every perfume is a medicine” and that scent is deeply connected with our mind and body status.

In general, Chinese consumers tend to prefer lighter, fruitier, and fresher fragrances. According to research, over 50 percent of the Chinese prefer fragrances containing subtle, fresh scents.

To sesonally spice up homes or offices with scents, lovely oriental diffusers and candles that symbolise the coming of wealth and prosperity for the New Year are often used.

Auspicious scents of the season can broadly be categorised as Fruity, Floral or Incense:

1. Fruity Scents –

Citrus scents feature prominently in the New Year celebrations. Citrus fruits like oranges, mandarins or tangerines are traditional symbols of abundance and good fortune.
• Mandarin: Often used as a top note in perfumery as it is invigorating, juicy sweet, fruity and also at the same time sensual, floral and neroli-like. Mandarin also blends really well with other citrus scents and spice scent such as nutmeg, cinnamon, clove.
• Bergamot: Sweet, fruity and fresh citrus
Bergamot helps create a relaxing, happy and uplifting atmosphere. It can also be used to ease respiratory problems such as coughs, colds and the flu.
• Geranium: Floral, Sweet
Geranium helps to reduce tension and stress, its light scent helping to create an uplifting atmosphere.
• Grapefruit: Citrusy scent
The citrusy smell helps refresh and energise. It also helps to ease stress and anxiety.
• Jasmine: Sweet, floral, warm
Jasmine soothes, creating a relaxing atmosphere and is said to also help boost confidence.
• Lemon: The “bright” smell of lemon helps revitalize moods and brings more energy to rooms and houses.
• Orange: Fresh, sweet, citrus
The fresh scent of orange essential oils create happiness and warmth, perfect for Chinese New Year festive season.

2. Floral scents –

Just as fresh fruits are symbolic of luck and beginnings, flowers hold a similar suggestion. Flowers that bloom during New Years presage good fortune and are a popular gift or decoration.
• Peony
• Tuberose
• Narcissus
• Kumquat flowers are for prosperity, plum blossoms for luck
• Cherry Blossom
• Orange Blossom
• Osmanthus
• White lotus
• Moroccan orange flowers
• Orchid
• Rose
• Plum

3. Incense –

Burning incense is another important ritual of New Year thus the smell of burning incense brings memories of Chinese homes. Incense is burnt to respect and honour ancestors and traditional Chinese rituals at home.

These scents will help to keep your homes smelling festive and sophisticated throughout the whole of Chinese New Year Season.