Usually the funk you find on a dance floor comes directly from the sweat of the attendees – but the Scenthesizer project aims to put the control of the the smells on the dance floor in the hands of the DJ behind the decks. Yep, it sounds like an April Fool’s Day joke, but the project is real – sponsored by Heineken and engineered by Singapore-based AllSense, makers of “scent delivery systems”. How does the Scenthesizer work from a technical standpoint?
AllSense: Scent can be delivered on cue by sending power to the outlet the system is plugged into or an I/O interface can be used to tell the systems to turn on or open valves.
There are 3 ways to construct a scent experience for an event:

  1. One way is to separate the top, mid and base notes, and let the DJ mix these together
  2. The second is to work off pre-selected compositions and let them blend in and out between tracks or sets
  3. The third is to use a blast effect to shoot out a few scents at key moments

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