Vodafone has launched a new cologne that smells of burnt rubber and gasoline to promote its TeamVodafone and involvement in the Sydney 500.
The ‘Eau de Engine’ cologne, which has been created by ideas agency Tongue, is aimed at men and carries the strapline, “Why smell like a man, when you can smell like a V8”.

At Vodafone, we believe there is nothing more enthralling than the pungent smell that froths from the underbelly of a V8 Supercar.
This intoxicating aroma of ethanol mixed with burnt rubber, just does it for us every time. As principal sponsor of TeamVodafone, we’re proud to announce the launch of Eau De Engine; a stunning new fragrance for men that embodies everything we love about racing- the heroism, the unihibited masculinity, the V8 power, and let’s not forget, the unforgettable scent of burnt rubber.
“Both Jamie and I have been fortunate enough to climb to the top of the V8 mountain and inhale the rarefied air usually reserved only for V8 motor racing winners,” explains Craig Lowndes, TeamVodafone driver. “This is a chance for all Australians, not just motor sport enthusiasts, to know exactly what that smells like.”
Jamie Whincup, brings further light to the philosophy behind Eau De Engine by explaining, “There is nothing like the sweet smell of success, mixed with grease and burnt rubber. Behold the scent of motorsport passion! May the true essence of this great sport ignite the nostrils, and unleash the zeal and passion of the Australian public.” 
 Why smell like a man, when you can smell like a V8.