Makes sense doesn’t it?

The company behind this is Stanley Black & Decker who we all know specialize in high-performance outdoor power equipment.

Their audience for this product is golfers as well as anyone who owns a backyard.

We all know how scents have the power to conjure powerful emotions and memories, and the sharp, green, unmistakable aroma of fresh cut grass is no different.

Whether it reminds you of mowing the lawn (As Black & Decker hope), or playing golf, or any other lawn sport for that matter, simple scents of the outdoors will never go out of fashion.

The kit includes three items that conjure the olfactory experience of cut grass: a therapeutic candle; a reed diffuser (plop the reeds in a chemical solution and let them do their thing); and an aromatic mist, fit for spraying in any room, or on your clothes or bedding.