Harrods introduces scent marketing

Leading luxury retailer, Harrods is set to lead the way in multi-sensory experiences by injecting tailored aromas into its stores to improve the buying experience.
A variety of scents have been positioned around Harrods to provoke memories and encourage customers to feel positive about the buying experience.
Coconut oil will feature in the ladies swimwear department, freshly mown grass will be in garden living and pomegranate in the luxury accessories area.
The store guides, customer receipts and entrances three, five and ten are all fragranced with the uplifting aroma of Lime and Basil.
There will also be an opportunity to sample each of the twelve different aromas that are around the store in the Harrods ‘Lifted’ exhibition – the world’s first exhibition to be displayed in elevators.
The logic for the introduction of aroma is a belief that the sense of smell is emotionally powerful, affecting humans up to 75% more than other senses such as sight and sound.
According to smell expert and Brand sense agency MD Simon Harrop, “This is because smell bypasses the rational part of the brain and goes straight to the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that controls behaviour and emotion.
“This means smell has an instantly good or bad effect on our emotional state – which ultimately affects our spending behaviour.”
ref – http://www.utalkmarketing.com