Sneaking in a few extra Zzzz’s just got complicated… Enter the Sensorwake Trio, a new alarm clock with a difference.

Touted as the Next-Gen Scent-Based Alarm Clock that Activates Three Senses: Smell, Sight & Sound.

Named as one of Google’s Top 15 Inventions to Change the World, me thinks Google has too many 1st world problems?

Nonetheless, not taking anything away from this nifty little bedroom gadget that was fully funded on Kickstarter! And seems to have picked up a lot of positive comments from celebs like Jimmy Fallon and Ellen Degeneres.

So now to how it works….

While our traditional alarm clock disrupts our slumber via that brutish auditory channel, the Sensorwake trio first emits a fragrance of your choice! Think coffee, bake goods or seaside air.

Thereafter it will light up the room. And then; if you are still not in the shower, it will go old school on your azz and play music. The scent cartridges slide into the Sensorwake box, a bit like slotting pieces of bread into the toaster.

The Sensorwake – invented by 19-year-old entrepreneur, Guillaume Rolland, inside his garage (over the course of many sleepless nights, we think).

Fad or trend? Only time will tell……