Our sense of smell is closely connected to our overall wellness in several ways:

  1. Appetite: Our sense of smell is closely linked to our sense of taste, and it plays a critical role in our appetite. When we smell food, our brain receives signals that stimulate our hunger, which can cause us to eat more.
  2. Mood: Our sense of smell is also linked to our emotions and can affect our mood. Certain scents can promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, and even improve our mental clarity.
  3. Safety: Our sense of smell helps us detect potential dangers, such as gas leaks or smoke from a fire. This can help us avoid harm and protect our health.
  4. Memory: Our sense of smell is also linked to our memory. Certain scents can trigger memories and emotions, which can have a positive impact on our mental wellbeing.
  5. Immune system: Recent studies have suggested that our sense of smell may also play a role in our immune system. Smelling certain scents may activate immune cells and help our bodies fight off infections and diseases.

Its important to note that where you live and the local weather and cultural activities can impact our wellness. Especially in Singapore where the weather is humid, it may effect on our ability to detect odour molecules. Overall, our sense of smell is an important aspect of our wellness, and it is important to maintain good olfactory health by using our sense of smell meaningfully as a tool for discovery of oneself as well as the richness of the world around us