Natural ingredients, “cocooning”, & wellness take centre stage in our post-covid world.

The good news is deep in the pandemic, people realised how important their sense of smell was, how it was a powerful trigger for mood, memory and self-identity. This being a sharp contrast to only seeing fragrance as a mechanism for beauty grooming.

‘Wellness’ has become a bit of a catch phrase of our new world, however the connection between wellness and our human sense of smell has a long and documented history.

Did you know that during the Black Plague in Europe, perfumers had amongst the highest survival rates, due to their work with essential oils.

A less well known term is ‘cocooning’, but I think you can make an educated guess. It means to be held closely, to feel protected within oneself and within ones environment. Both people and businesses are wanting to feel safe and protected and this sentiment is driving the creative direction for many new signature fragrance developments.

AllSense has developed a new range of scents inspired by a new world that is demanding wellness, to feel protected and safe, and also respects the planet.

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