Scent Walk Partners

AllSense is Singapore’s pre-eminent designer of ambient fragrance experiences for brands, hotels and retailers. In 2009, AllSense introduced the concept of ‘Brand Scent’ to Singapore by creating a Signature Scent for premiere shopping mall, ION Orchard. To date, AllSense continues to design and deliver compelling sensory experiences for Singapore’s leading shopping destinations, exclusive hotels and elite industry events.

logo-IFFInternational Flavours & Fragrances, a world leader in the design of some of our most loved smell and taste experiences has offered its team of perfumers and flavourists to join us on our Scent Walks, to     assist with dialogue from the public and professional community, and to work with AllSense on the design of uniquely Singapore Aromas.

logo-IONOrchardION will be hosting the gallery to showcase our Scent Map – the visualisation of all the data we will collected through our series of scent walks. The dates are 1 August – 21 August, Level 2 ION Orchard. More details will follow.

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