Scent Walks FAQ

What is a Scent Walk?
A Scent Walk is a guided tour around a city or location where the “ScentScape” (the smells of the landscape) are documented in order to produce an olfactory picture – the ‘Scent Map’ of that physical space. Our human sense of smell is closely connected to our faculties for memory and emotion, which is why smells are such drivers of nostalgia.

Why is AllSense organising these scent walks?
AllSense is passionate about scent and also about our city of Singapore. It’s SG50, so putting Scent and Singapore together, we decided to design Singapore’s first (its also Asia’s first) Scent Map and create history. We would love for you to join us on this journey!

What is the duration of the Scent Walks that AllSense will be organising?
Each walk should take approximately 1 hour.

What is the distance covered on the Scent Walk?
Each walk would be approximately 1 kilometre or less

When will the Scent Walks happen?
There will be 8 official walk locations. The walks will happen between Wednesday, 3rd June to Wednesday, 10th June. Sign up now to join us on these walks! Click here

What can I expect on the Scent Walk?
Each walk is a guided tour of that location or route through which you will be encouraged to detect and capture the various smells of that environment. Each participant will be given a short form to capture the various aromas and document any feelings or opinions about them. There are no wrong or right answers, we just want to know your thoughts about the scents around you.

What should I be bringing along?
Do wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes and bring along your nose! If its warm outside, bring a hat. If it looks like it may rain bring an umbrella!

How are the participants selected?
As spaces are limited to a total of 20 pax per walk, we will select participants on a first register basis. So sign up ASAP to reserve your spot!

What will we do with the data that is recorded?
 Kate McLean, our academic and mapper from the UK, will be designing a Scent Map which is a visual representation of all this data. We will be holding a gallery exhibition in August to showcase this art and science work to the public.

Can I take photography or videography during the scent walk?
Of course! Our official hashtags are #allsense #SG50scentwalks

Who is Kate Mclean?
For more information, please click here

How can I sign up for the Scent Walks?

What does AllSense do?
AllSense is Singapore’s pre-eminent designer of ambient fragrance experiences for brands, hotels and retailers. In 2009, AllSense introduced the concept of ‘Brand Scent’ to Singapore by creating a Signature Scent for premiere shopping mall, ION Orchard. To date, AllSense continues to design and deliver compelling sensory experiences for Singapore’s leading shopping destinations, exclusive hotels and elite industry events.

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