Singapore Airshow 2014 Logo
For Immediate Release: February 7, 2014
AllSense Pte Ltd (ScentAir), Singapore’s premiere scent marketing company has been appointed by Experia Events Pte Ltd as the official Brand Scent partner to the 2014 Singapore Air Show, Asia’s largest Air Show and the third largest in the world.
The scope of works will commence on the 9th February with the scenting of a series of banquet events to be held at Raffles City and Marina Bay Sands convention centres.
Changi Exhibition Centre (CEC), the host site to the show will be scented by AllSense through 16th February, as well as Singapore Expo Hall 7 over the public admission days.
“It’s a great pleasure and opportunity to be appointed as Official Brand Scent of the 2014 Singapore Air Show,” says Terry Jacobson Regional Director, AllSense. “This is a large project requiring a high level of experience and leading edge technology and stands testament to the efforts of our company and staff over the past 5 years.”
A signature fragrance was designed for the show to appeal to its 30-50 predominantly male demographic. The Singapore Air Show Brand Scent may be described as a modern masculine arrangement of fragrance notes resplendent with dewy juicy fruits and rich dark chocolate.
“Our experience working on military and aviation simulation training is something we look forward to showcasing at our booth C95, as well as sharing the range of insights we have gained working with airports, hotels and retailers here in Singapore and around the world.”
AllSense will be hosting a sensory seminar on Thursday 13th at 2pm within the Technology Training Zone, a summary of which session follows:
What we smell has a more powerful impact on our mood, memory and emotion than any other sense. Living in a visually dominated world so little attention is placed on this silent sense -but is ‘seeing’ really ‘believing’ anymore?
Learn how this powerful and intrinsically human sense works, how it can help to make better soldiers and pilots, how it can make a journey seem shorter, or an experience with a brand or product that much more memorable.
Learn why the world’s leading brands are all turning to scent to complete their business experience and how they are doing it.
There is a silent renaissance happening right now, right below our eyes, all we need to do is inhale…
For more information:
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