Eucalyptus Essential Oil




Breathe me deep
Eucalyptus clears the head in more ways than one. Commonly used for respiratory relief for coughs and colds, this multi-faceted oil, extracted from the scimitar-shaped leaves of the Eucalyptus gum tree, has calming and cooling properties. Steam inhalations of this camphoraceous oil help with breaking up mucus for stubborn coughs, but applications of the oil can also help break fevers, and reduce headaches and heated emotions, and strengthen the nervous system.
Common Uses: Eucalyptus has traditionally been used to relieve muscular aches and pains when used diluted. A Country antimicrobial, it has also been known to help with symptoms of colds and flu when used in with the steam inhalation technique. Apply 10-15 drops into a large bowl of steaming water, place a towel over your head, and breathe in the vapours. Or add 1-2 drops into a hot towel and place over your chest to relieve cough symptoms. Use 1-2 drops with lavender on a hot towel as a forehead compress to relieve symptoms of fever and headaches.