Schinus Molle Essential Oil




Pink pepper pep-me-up
Schinus Molle, or Pink Peppercorn, is a complex scent that is warm, floral and fruity in nature. The leaves of the Pink Pepper tree were used in shamanic rituals in the Andes, and its berries – from which the oil is produced – were once used by the Incas to make a fermented drink (mmm!). This oil is well-rounded and adds a euphoric, peppery note with angelica and balsamic aspects to any other blend. Diffused, it helps to enhance alertness and stimulate the circulation and digestion.
Common Uses: A broad-spectrum antimicrobial and antiseptic for use against bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Also known to tone, balance and strengthen heart function and regulate the heart. It is said to support the immune, digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems, and contains compounds that may be calming to the nervous system. It is best diffused, but take care – this is a strong, stimulating oil with sharp notes and should be used in low dosages. Blend with citrus or floral oils to create an aroma of your own.