What are good smells without the bad ones? Which brings us to… what are the baddest of the bad?

Today, we explore the worst smells in the world… Brace your nose!

  1. Uranus – The Planet of Rotten Eggs
  2. Durian – The Evacuation Fruit
  3. Rafflesia arnoldii – The Stinking Corpse Lily
  4. Vieux Boulogne – The Smelly Cheese
  5. Ancient Excrement – NEED I EXPLAIN ANY FURTHER??
  6. The Lesser Anteater – The Defensive Stench

Bringing this into our AllSense lab…

Do you know that AllSense also produces bad smells? Other than scenting up beautiful spaces like ION Orchard and Changi Airport, we also scent up the haunted houses at Universal Studios Singapore!

Smells are used in haunted houses to instil fear and to create an illusion of the houses coming to live!

For this year’s Halloween Horror Nights 8, we too created some rather intense smells of the haunted houses… Let us know if you snorted any of these scents!

  1. Stranger Things – The smell of Campfire
  2. Killuminati – The smell of Roasted Meat
  3. Pagoda of Peril – The smell of Sandalwood
  4. Pontianak – The smell of Jasmine
  5. The Haunting of Oiwa – The smell of Earth

Consider yourself (and your nose) warned…