Experience via your Senses

Marketers in both the retail and entertainment industries are appealing to their audience’s senses with inspiring results. At ScentWorld 2014, a marketing conference celebrating businesses that use customers’ sense of smell to enhance their brand, men’s clothing retailer DXL won the award for “Most Innovative Use of Scent Marketing”. That’s right, DXL intentionally used a citrus scent, custom-designed by Mood Media and ScentAir, in its stores as part of a vast rebranding and redesign campaign,and it worked.

The last time this award was given, at ScentWorld 2013, it went to country music superstar Shania Twain in recognition of her use of scent during her “Shania: Still the One” concert series in Las Vegas. DXL’s 2014 reception of this award proves that innovative entertainment design such as this is not reserved for the entertainment industry. Retail marketers can, and should, begin to embrace it too.

You can incorporate these elements of entertainment into your brand to give it a memorable personality for consumers. Update your decade-old music playlist. Add visual interest through digital signage, great for both dynamic advertisements and environmental graphics. Maybe you want your brand to have a characteristic scent; after all, scent is more connected to memory than any other sense.

Samantha Baker