Sydney Morning Herald talks about increasing popularity in using ambient scent both in home and business settings.
“What Helen Keller described as the “fallen angel” of the senses is undergoing a renaissance. Top architects, scientists, psychologists and marketers are exploring the hidden powers of aroma – in particular, its mysterious ability to plug straight into our memories and emotions – and their discoveries look set to shape our lives in subtle but significant ways.”
“Architecture will become more smell-oriented,” says Anna Barbara, a Milan-based researcher and author who specialises in the links between built space and aroma. “We are at the beginning of a sort of revolution. We could be ready to imagine a ‘smell design’.”
A well compiled article with a particular bent on architecture and increased aroma usage. A bit short on information covering different modes of scent delivery.
Meg Mundell
February 6, 2008 – 12:42PM–home/scents-of-space/2008/02/06/1202233895536.html