“i believe scentscaping is a landscape of multiple scents. ie. a different scent for a different room of the house.” tweeted Iggy Azalea (@IGGYAZALEA)

…which turned this term into the flavour of the week, finding a voice on The Huffington Post with their candidly named piece “WTF is ScentScaping” and the Sydney Morning Herald with their piece “ScentScaping: The next homestyle trend”.

Perhaps we may hazard a more formal definition from the industry:

ScentScaping is the design of an interior environment by using a palette of scents to resonate with other sensory cues including light, colour, music and texture; in order to convey a theme or enhance a mood with the intention of creating a richer personal and interpersonal experience. ScentScaping can be applied on a room by room basis, where different scents are selected for different rooms or spaces; or a leitmotif fragrance may be implemented where the same theme overarches all spaces with slight variation designed into the leitmotif from space to space. Such variation may include a different array of fragrance notes, as well as differentiation in intensity.