Scents on Display in Singapore Fashion Week 2015

The following scents are the ones that were on display in Singapore Fashion Week 2015. Representing different iconic Singaporean spaces, AllSense has crafted out signature scents that represent these spaces.

Tangs ‘Gingerlily’

Tangs, Singapore’s iconic departmental store celebrated their 80 year birthday with the development of a bespoke fragrance to commemorate the refurbishment of their Orchard Rd destination-store and reconnect with their customers via a refreshed brand experience.

Subtle and sophisticated, delicate and slightly sweet; key components of the Tangs signature scent comprise Yuzu, Black Tea, Ginger Lily and Jasmin which capture the essence of the décor, clientele and merchandise offered at TANGS resulting in a more engaging and memorable shopping experience.

ION Orchard ‘White Tea’

ION Orchard is undoubtedly the property that started it all. A truly multi-sensory shopping mall which firmly established the concept of Brand Scent within Singapore.

The ION Orchard fragrance ticks all boxes – fresh and clean, uncomplicated yet sophisticated at the same time, delicate and memorable. Beyond words, and a year in the making, its characteristic initial impression opens up with a delightful bouquet of Bergamot, White Tea, Mandarin and Ginger; further revealing itself through a deep floral heart of Garden Thyme, Winter Jasmine, Nutmeg, Peony and other secret ingredients.

Mount Elizabeth Novena ‘Clover & Aloe’

From its architectural design and interior furnishings to its 360° inpatient experience, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital exudes all the hallmarks of a 5-star hotel. But ‘Mount E’ did not want to only look like a 5-star hotel, it wanted to FEEL like one. And what better way than by tapping into the human sense of smell!

Drawn from the natural tones and textures of the designed interior and a keen focus on renewal and vitality, a delicate medley of Green Water Clover, Aloe and Lily were timelessly blended to capture this essence.

Patina Hotel  ‘Blue Cedar’

The iconic Capitol Building and Stamford House home to the Patina Hotel, historic Capitol Theatre, and the prestigious Capitol Retail promenade; collectively represent one of the jewel developments of Singapore’s Jubilee year.

Blending heritage with contemporary interiors, highly personalized service and a world-class art collection, The Patina Hotel promises an intimate experience for patrons.
Arrive and revive on air of bergamot and spice of coriander, revealing through to a heart of lavender mint, ivy leaf and neroli, which collectively rise and set over the timeless olfactive base notes of blue cedar and oakmoss.

Canvas ‘Black Pearl’

Airy citrus notes intertwined into a marine heart with accents of black tea, sage clary a muted spices built on a foundation of woods and musk. Whether you’re crowd-watching the quay from the Canvas deck, or soaking up selector beats inside the club, Canvas ‘Black Pearl’ goes down well, especially in the company of friends with an invitation for fun.