With the Singapore Grand Prix coming up, the Marina Bay area will be filled with excited spectators from all over!

Fast cars, great music, the smell of burning rubber is what defines the Singapore Grand Prix.

Today, we explore activities that provide peacefulness and serenity, in Singapore – A mini-escape from the hustle and bustle. When we think about establishing a “zen” environment, we can never forget about the scent. Well, there is just the place that combines serenity with scent, and that is the Fragrant Garden at Singapore Botanical Gardens.

The Fragrant Garden was created to perfume the air – creating an aromatic experience!

Showcasing different species of plants that emit fragrances. These plants are known for their sweet smelling scents and are used in rituals, religious ceremonies, traditional medicine, aromatherapy and the mega-industry of traditional and modern perfumery.

Other than the Fragrant Garden, the Singapore Botanical Garden also offers many different attractions that open up your nose! Here are some from Jen Reviews’ “100 Best Things to do in Singapore” article.;

  • Ginger Garden trail at Singapore Botanic Gardens (Tanjong Pagar)
  • Explore the Evolution Garden at Singapore Botanic Gardens (Tanjong Pagar)

Enjoy the Singapore Grand Prix and don’t forget to…

Keep calm and smell (durians)!



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