rendezvous-event2SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS 2016 is the inaugural luxury lifestyle event with a variety of showcases across both land and water.

Held at Raffles Marina from 20th to 23rd October 2016, SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS 2016 features specially curated activities showcasing a range of top products.

The event combines luxury lifestyle with art and entertainment to ensure a unique experience away from the city.


AllSense. A bespoke scent provider has joined the exclusive lineup that is set to bring guests on a journey through the world of luxury. Having designed fragrances for various brands, hotels and even retailers such as ION Orchard back in 2009, AllSense is no stranger to hitting the mark right on the nose. Started back in 2009, the scent designer has been named the official scent provider for the event.

In their role at Raffles Marina, AllSense will curate a unique SINGAPORE RENDEZVOUS scent that will be placed at strategic locations to help set the right ambience.