Fragrance Library

Our core competency. Whether you are a fruit juice brand with a desire for orange scented bubbles or a luxury hotel looking for lobby ambience, our library will suit a wide range of requirements and applications.

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Fragrance Design

We have designed signature fragrances for some of the world’s leading brands. Please contact us to arrange a consultation.

Scent Diffusers

From the largest of events spaces & buildings atriums to the smallest of offices & spas, we provide ‘surround scenting technology‘ to suit you. In Singapore we run a full service team that can cater from the smallest to the largest of project installations and maintenance plan requirements. Please contact us to arrange a discussion or onsite consultation.

Workshops & Roadshows

From workshops and roadshows to speaking engagements and events hosted in our lab. Please contact Oo La Lab

Beauty & Body

From lotions to bath bombs, whatever your requirement, we have you covered. For new enquiries please contact us here.

Batch Production

From customisable party favours to media gifts, we have the solution for you. For new inquiries please contact us here.

Custom Builds

So you also want scented bubbles? Can! For all new developments please contact us with your requirements here.