An insightful interview with Terry Jacobson (CEO of AllSense) on the scent marketing landscape in Singapore

In their own words:

Retailers, hotels and even hospitals are creating signature scents to improve their customers’ experience

It is a sentiment Mr Terry Jacobson, chief experience officer at Allsense Group, which provides aroma marketing solutions for brands and retailers, shares.

“Because our sense of smell is the only sense directly connected to the brain’s limbic system, which houses emotions and memories, it’s more strongly associated with memory than visual or auditory cues,” he says.

“A subtle and inviting scent can, therefore, increase dwell time, enhance the recollection of brands and elevate moods – making it a great tool for marketers and retailers alike.”

Present technology also allows the scent to be regulated based on time or foot traffic, resulting in a consistent and subtle smell throughout the space, even in large department stores or hospitals.

For malls such as Ion Orchard, which opened in 2009, having a signature scent has gone beyond creating a relaxing atmosphere to becoming part of its brand identity. Created by Allsense using 20 notes from herbs, fruits and flowers such as white tea and peony, Ion Orchard’s scent have become so well recognised that the mall decided to infuse it into votive candles and a cocktail as part of its fifth-anniversary celebrations last year.

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