McCain Scent Marketing CampaignThe latest campaign from McCain sees the puff of cooked chips waft from advertising display panels in shopping centres.

The scent-enabled units features an image of an oven baking freshly cooked golden potato chips inside with a child watching with anticipation from outside.

“Is there anything more tempting than the smell of chips baking in the oven?” Hayley Jeans, business director at Carat, said.

“This is a campaign that really supports our agency’s values of ambition and innovation and we look forward to producing more work like this for McCain in the future.”

Angela Thorpe, marketing manager at McCain Foods, said: “Frozen chips are very popular and are often bought on impulse. This campaign provides an opportunity for shoppers to physically engage with the creative and evoke the familiar, alluring smell of fresh, hot chips on their path-to-purchase.

I praise Carat for thinking differently about our media channel selection and producing a solution that considered how multiple platforms interact with each other to help with recall and conversion to purchase. We look forward to seeing how many people have followed the scent into the freezer section of their local supermarket!”