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Better get out into the park and start practising a few curveballs…

The Unexpected Power of Smell and What it Means for Marketers

In their own words: In this curveball session on how brands can harness the power of smell, AllSense founder Terry Jacobson will explore how smell has a greater influence on our emotions than any other sense and yet in this visually-dominated world, it is often the forgotten sense.

This is an opportunity to learn from an expert about the role smell can play to tap into emotional memory and as a result be used as a powerful tool for communication. Learn how places like Japan are using fragrance to aid media and marketing strategy.

Jacobson has worked with the likes of Universal Studios and Changi Airport on fragrance strategy. He says: “Humans are multi-sensorial creatures, we connect with and interpret the world around us through all of our senses.”

Venue: Marina Bay Sands
Date: Wednesday, 8th November
Time: 12 noon
Location: Virtuoso Stage