In Malaysia, there is a superstition that the frangipani flower should not be brought inside the house, especially at night. This is because the frangipani flower is believed to be associated with supernatural beings or ghosts, and bringing it inside the house can attract their attention.

According to the superstition, the frangipani tree is said to be the home of Pontianak, a female vampire ghost in Malay folklore. It is believed that Pontianak is attracted to the fragrance of the frangipani flower, and bringing it inside the house may invite her to come in as well.

Another variation of the superstition states that if someone brings frangipani flowers inside the house, it may cause a family member to fall ill or even die.

Despite the superstitions, frangipani flowers are still widely used in Malaysia for decorative and ornamental purposes. Many people believe that as long as the flowers are not picked at night or brought inside the house after dark, they are safe to use and will bring joy and beauty to their surroundings.

Such a beautiful flower, both visual and fragrant, but with a complicated symbolism.