AROMAFORK™ is a new age molecular gastronomy gizmo telling your tastebuds to take a hike.
Montreal-based company Molecule-R has invented the AROMAFORK™ — a fork that will change the way you perceive flavours. The fork releases scents as you eat with it and “tricks your mind” to detect enhanced flavours.
Well here’s how it works: Your tastebuds recognize five tastes — sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness and umami. Your nose, on the other hand, can detect up to a trillion smells. By releasing aromas, the AROMAFORK™ gets your brain working double duty, getting it to perceive aromas on top of tastes.
A capsule of liquid aroma sits under the fork’s handle and soaks through a small piece of blotting paper to emit a whiff of fragrance with every bite gradually throughout the meal.
The fork comes with 21 different flavours, including chocolate, vanilla, passionfruit, basil and mint.
Wacky and weird, yes. But I think I could see this one actually taking off….coming to a side plate near you